Free guided Tour

Ever wanted to know how “Loden” is made? Take a deep look into the production and how graceful our team is working with the renewable resource wool.

Some machines are really old. The oldest, still working machine is about 200 years old. Newer machines are way faster than our old ones, but dont have that smooth handling, that we need for best quality.

On some sunny days you can see a 50 m long piece of Loden which get tried smoothly in the wind. This is the way Loden can explore all exciting features a modern textile needs.

Destination Ramsau am Dachstein and Lodenwalke

The Lodenwalke Ramsau is an ideal destination for clubs, companies and families. Production site, sales room and Tavern with good Styrian cuisine are accessible for Disabled. For children the Lodenwalke Ramsau is ideally equipped. Playing and painting corner, children’s menu and a playground in front of the Lodenwalke. In the immediate surrounding is the Silberkarklamm. A walk through the wild and romantic gorge, passing alpine flora and fauna, ends at the Silberkarhütte with a panoramic view.
With the Dachstein Glacier, the Skywalk and Ice Palace and countless huts along the hiking promenades Ramsau am Dachstein is always worth a visit.